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Even during the difficult times of COVID-19, the Ballerinas in our Smiles For All program are still bringing joy. A smile is universal and even though they can't be there in person, our Ballerinas are spreading happiness through digital performances.

Please feel free to share the clip to anyone in, or out, of a hospital who could use a smile today.

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The Buddha once said “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” a quote that amongst others about tranquility, peace, and kindness can describe the work done by Crafting for a Cure. Crafting for a Cure in its innate value focuses on the light of a singular moment, an important moment, in fact, the most important moment; the present. The present is a crucial piece of our existence. It can be found in the midst of an illness, or in a routine check up. The present isn’t always a nice place to be, it can be anxious, especially in those scenarios. However, that stress can simply be cured by the work of the hand; paint, colour, beading, you name it.

Crafting for a Cure; a Pure Mission

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To begin, my experiences with Crafting for a Cure began in grade seven, when I had just moved schools and a new friend of mine invited me over to make bracelets for her mother’s Charity. At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about Crafting for a Cure, but after crafting and listening to my friend’s mother, Pamela Bielak, explain why Crafting for a Cure was created, and how easy it was to get involved, even at just 12 years old, I knew I had to get started immediately.

My Experiences with Crafting for a Cure

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For anyone who has not heard of Crafting for a Cure, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to this outstanding charity I have been supporting and raising funds for their annual Kilometers for Kids (K for K) walkathon since I was 7 years old. I would also like to introduce its President, Mrs. Pamela Bielak, affectionately known as Mrs. B, who is the heart and soul of this charity.

Why I believe in Crafting for a Cure

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