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Crafting for a Cure; a Pure Mission

The Buddha once said “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” a quote that amongst others about tranquility, peace, and kindness can describe the work done by Crafting for a Cure. Crafting for a Cure in its innate value focuses on the light of a singular moment, an important moment, in fact, the most important moment; the present. The present is a crucial piece of our existence. It can be found in the midst of an illness, or in a routine check up. The present isn’t always a nice place to be, it can be anxious, especially in those scenarios. However, that stress can simply be cured by the work of the hand; paint, colour, beading, you name it. Through the art of play and the practice of art therapy has created proven practices that focus on the health of the mind in a singular moment. It is that singular moment, the tense of just ‘being’ that can make all the difference. This is the service Crafting for a Cure provides, a singular moment remembered and appreciated forever. I was honoured to hear from Founder, Pamela Bielak that she wanted me to write this essay about why I believe in the charity so much to give my time and support. At first, I thought of writing a formal letter. However, it feels much more appropriate to write with the flow of the heart when discussing the charity that gives from the heart and, to the hearts of all of those it encounters. Not only touching the patients, Crafting for a Cure reaches the mind and soul of the people surrounding the patients by allowing them a very needed mental break. Demonstrated by a craft and the volunteers by providing a humbling and impactful experience. When asked what their favourite part of volunteering for Crafting for a Cure many may answer it is the dazzling ballerinas twirling and the tears that follow in the audience.Some say it’s the loud and joyful events, fundraisers, or even the smile of a patient as they craft. My favourite part has to be that breath. The breath of the person crafting beside you. It is deeper than the slightly shallow and anxious ones prior; they adjust in their seat and lean back, their tone of voice more calm, the fingers running on the craft with more ease. That breath, is why I do what I do, it is a that moment of peace that the charity provides for those who so desperately need it. It is a second not to talk or think about the problem, whatever it may be, but a second to enjoy the here and now with a clear mind. That moment, their breath, it leaves me appreciative and grateful. This is why I volunteer. . There are countless reasons to pick Crafting for a Cure as the charity to dedicate yourself to for reasons other than that breath.My other main reason has to be the charity’s ‘no discrimination’ policy. The charity’s values dictate it does not discriminate based on age, religion, race, gender, orientation, financial status cause for hospital visit, or any other factor Crafting for a Cure’s values is one of the reasons I, among many, find it so noble. Many charities focus on a specific illness whereas Crafting for a Cure focuses on people regardless of if they are in the hospital in isolation, with a broken bone, chronic illness, or even visiting a family member making it unique and inspiring. Throughout my years volunteering I have gotten to see the impact of the programs Crafting for a Cure offers on patients, parents, visitors and staff. The charity's influence is Limitless in its boundaries throughout the hospital. In my years of crafting I've seen staff cry just at the at the sight of a ballerina, patients in awe of Santa Clause during the holidays and, so many more heartfelt experiences all thanks to Crafting for a Cure. To top it all off, my favorite thing about the charity as a whole is its ability to create fun everywhere it goes. From sponsor events to hospital visits, if there is anything the charity should be known for it's fun. Fun for the volunteers laughing at events and their feelings of joy giving back at the hospital. The charity gives you hope, it is a prime example that you don’t need to be a doctor or a trained specialist to help someone. Sometimes saying nothing is the most helpful thing of all. A smile, a laugh, a breath. Those are the little things that create a huge ripple. Crafting for a Cure is a charity for everybody, it is that smile, it is that breath, it is that breath. - Ariel Tastasa

Ariel Tastasa

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