Good Coffee and A Strong Bond Crafting For A Cure is Inspired By Starbucks

Day 14 of 30 in 30: Starbucks

Starbucks has been a part of Crafting for a Cure for over 10 years! When Pamela’s son was sick st SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Starbucks became sort of a second home to sleep deprived Pam. The manager of the kiosk would listen, and be the shoulder for Pam to cry on. Through her venting and talking, Crafting for a Cure was created! Before the craft kits became the main focus of the charity, Pamela had a goal to renovate the lung playroom, where her son spent so much of his time playing, waiting, and keeping himself busy. Over 10 years ago, Starbucks hear Pam, and her cry for help. She needed to raise $50000, but had only managed to get to about half of her goal. Starbucks stepped up, and surprised Pamela by matching her donation, thus helping her achieve her goal - her first major accomplishment in the charity! Years passed, and Pam’s friend who still works at Starbucks to this day made it her mission to make sure that everyone knows about Pam, CFC and what they do! Their relationship grew, and so did the charity! From creating craft kits, to crafting in hospital, Starbucks has always managed to find a way to give back, and to continue working, even if its something as simple as making sure Pam always has a cup of coffee in her hand, and some coffee to bring to her event. We are inspired daily by their commitment, and their dedication to our cure - a smile!

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