Day 19 of 30 in 30: Farberman

Where do we even begin? It all started two decades ago, when founder Pamela, and her neighbour, Serena Farberman became friends. Like Pam, Serena had young children who quickly became close and spent lots of time together. As the charity kept growing, so did the friendship between the two families. Their son, Aaron Matthews brings smiles to children in the hospital with magic, tricks, and illusions, while Dylan and Katie have been doing hospital visits and events all around the world for years. Thanks to Shane, Farco entertainment has provided us with popcorn machines, cotton candy, candy, and most importantly, DooDoo the Clown, who is unbelievable! Thank you to Serena, who has been incredible, supporting us in every way possible. We also have the Farberman family to thank for bringing CFC into Jamaica! For several years now, they have been taking time out of their trips, to help us bring smiles all over the world. Just recently, the Farbermans joined us on a trip to Israel, where they toured the country, and made sure that every child got to have a special moment, a laugh, and a smile. It is safe to say that without the Farberman’s hard work, passion, and dedication to the charity, we would not have been able to grow and blossom as we have been.

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