Capturing magical moments all over the world, that's how Jamie Fenn inspires Crafting For A Cure

Crafting For A Cure is inspired by Jamie Fenn Photography, and we can't thank her enough for her years of dedicated volunteering

Day 7 of 30 in 30: Jamie Fenn

We, at Crafting for a Cure are inspired by Jamie Fenn Photography. She has been volunteering with the charity for as long as we can remember, before the lights and camera! As her passion and talent for photography grew, it only became natural that she started snapping our ballerinas, hospital visits, and events. She’s captured magical moments all over the world; in Toronto, New York and Israel, not to mention our hospital visits, events, High Tea and more! Currently, Jamie is mentoring under @rachelnevillephotography in New York city, and wherever her career takes her, she’s destined for greatness! Jamie is a huge part of this charity, and we are so inspired by her dedication to giving back, no matter where she is. Thank you Jamie!

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