A Word From Pamela:

    Wow where has the time gone.  We just finished our Inaugural High Tea and Ballet event.  This event was SOLD OUT!  However as one event finishes we are now gearing up for annual Kilometers For Kids.  Our goal this year at the run is to fill the track with over 500 advance-registered participants.  Help us achieve this goal register today! 
    Crafting For a Cure is charity that looks to ensure all children are having a positive experience when a hospital visit is necessary.  We fulfill our mission through the following three programs:

    1. Committed To Crafting

    This program provides craft kits and other distractions to children in over 100 hospitals when a hospital visit is necessary.  These craft kits are in emergency rooms, isolation rooms and clinics to name a few departments.

    1. Creating Breathing Space

    This program targets Teen Mental Health hospital departments where patients can be as young as 5 to 21.  We are the largest provider of distractions and self esteem items for over 40 mental health inpatient hospitals.  We provide to this department as we found out that this area is forgotten. For so many hospitals, we are the sole provider for this department.  We are more than awareness we are difference makers!

    1. Smiles For All

    We are the only charity to provide ballerinas to dance and twirl in hospitals. This program is truly magical as it brings a sense of calmness to all.  It truly brings “smiles for all” one pirouette at a time.  Currently we do this in Toronto, and Manhattan and our third city to launch is Dallas.

    We want to remind you that Crafting For a Cure does not discriminate between race, religion, gender, financial means and medical health.  We believe all children deserve a smile when in a hospital.

    If you want to better understand these programs why not watch the following YouTube Videos on our channel:
    https://youtu.be/0hehoWUx3hg - Smiles For All – our Ballerina Program
    https://youtu.be/PB1grF9CtjY - Committed To Crafting – our Original program
    https://youtu.be/vKqc0SlgKHA  - Creating Breathing Space – our Teen Mental Health Program

    Thank you for believing in Crafting For a Cure.

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