A Word From Pamela

Learn about the amazing story behind Crafting For A Cure's founder Pamela Bielak and her inspiration for starting this non-profit.

Hi, my name is Pamela Bielak and I am the founder of the charity Crafting For a Cure.  

What many do not realize is that I am the sole person that runs the charity.  What does that mean, it means, I am the CEO, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Driver and everything else.   Friends who help unconditionally surround me, I work with high school and university students who want to volunteer their time.  However, up until now I really chose to not emphasize that the charity was run by one – "me".  After all, I have 3 unique programs. The first being Committed to Crafting – the original program where we create craft kits and ship them to over 100 hospitals, 50 in Canada, 35 in the USA along with a few other international countries, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, India, and Tanzania.  The second program – Creating Breathing Space, our program designed to help teen mental health wards in hospitals.  Currently we do this in 35 hospitals in Canada, 5 in the USA and 1 in Israel.  Finally, our third program is called Smiles For All, this is our ballet program where ballerinas perform in hospitals. Currently this program is done in two cities, Toronto and New York and we just launching this fall our third city, Dallas.

I do all this because I truly believe that a distraction goes a long way to bring a smile to child when a hospital visit is necessary.  For the first time a company like no other has believed in me.  I have received the honour of being 1 of 7 people that TD Canada is honouring nation wide in their campaign called #tdthanksyou !  With this honour comes great humility, gratitude and pride. For the first time in 19 years I'm proud to say the charity has become a "we" thanks to TD.   As a result, the sponsor for this month is TD!  

I can't express enough gratitude to those that can help with the momentum from the TDthanksyou campaign and donate.  Every dollar makes a difference.  More importantly, every dollar brings a smile to another child when a hospital visit is necessary.  I want to remind all that we do not discriminate between Race, Religion, Gender, Financial Means and Medical.  

Thank you all for believing in my vision = Global domination to make all children smile when a hospital visit is necessary.

Pamela Bielak

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