Crafting For A Cure's Giving Tuesday Holiday Message

The holidays are going to be different this year. Due to COVID-19, a lot of the usual festivities that spread joy to the children in hospital have been put on hold. These festivities are designed to make children comfortable and give them a positive vibe when visiting a hospital. Children should never have to feel anxious, scared or worried during their hospital visits, especially during this time of year. This is why Crafting for a Cure needs your help right now. There couldn't be a more important time for Crafting for a Cure to put those creative and loveable crafting kits in the hands of children in hospitals all across the globe.

These crafting kits aren't just forms of art, they're a way for children to express themselves during a time they might be most vulnerable. The large variety of crafts that Crafting for a Cure sends out ensures that there is something for every single child to enjoy. No matter their age, race or gender, Crafting for a Cure prides itself on spreading the universal language of joy. The impact isn't just felt by the children, but the parents and loved ones who accompany them. Constant thoughts of how to keep their children calm in such a situation as what maybe their first hospital visit are running through their minds. Watching the smiles on these kids’ faces while they hurry to open up these kits and start crafting with their loved ones is a feeling that is unmatched. The demand for Crafting for a Cure’s kits are extremely high and the only way they can ensure every single child gets a crafting kit this holiday season is with your help. Every single donation, no matter large or small, contributes to making a child’s hospital visit a positive and memorable one.

We are also very excited to announce that through the support of the wonderful organization Canada Helps, we have launched the Gift of Securities feature onto our donation page. With this new tool, you are now able to donate securities in the form of stocks, shares and mutual funds. Donating securities through the Canada Helps platform is ideal for everybody as there will be no tax on capital gains. This means more of the amount you donate gets delivered to our charity, maximizing your donation and its impact to the Crafting for a Cure cause. After your donation is accepted, you will also receive a tax receipt providing proof of your donation.  This is the very first time that we are able to accept donations in this way and would like to thank Canada Helps for assisting us in making this happen. The addition of this feature expands the different forms of donations you can now make to the charity. You are also now able to donate in memoriam of another person. If you’d like to donate to the charity in the name of a loved one or friend, just fill in the In-Memoriam form with their name and an optional message and their donation will be truly appreciated.

It’s the season of giving, take part in it by donating to the Crafting for a Cure cause and help bring a well deserved smile to a child today!

Please Consider A Donation This Giving Tuesday

Give the gift that keeps on giving and let us know if you'd like your donation to be in memory or in honour of someone or even something. If you would like to do so please the "Donate" button below and enter the following information from within the PayPal donation page:

1. Add a Note: Please use this field to let us know your message.
2. Check the box to share your mailing address with Crafting For a Cure.

Please ensure the above fields are filled in so that we can get in contact with you to arrange for an e-card or physical card to be sent to a person of your choosing. If this is not needed the donation can be made without any specific information.

By supporting Crafting for a Cure, you can receive as much as 53% back in charity tax deductions. Find out more about Giving Tuesday and calculate your Charitable Tax Credit at!